Adderall No Prescription, No Membership

This post is here to explain the details about websites that advertise using the slogan “no prescription no membership”. There are two parts of that slogan, each suggesting something independently. Please read below for the specifics so you can understand what those sites have to offer and whether or not you should visit them.

Get Adderall without Prescription

No prescription means just what it sounds like. A site will tell you that you don’t need a prescription to get a drug like Adderall. Understand that you cannot legally get certain drugs without a prescription. The federal government has agencies that classify narcotics according to their compositions, uses, and potential for abuse. Adderall has been sorted into a group of medications that are not legal unless you have a proper prescription. This means that any site that tells you that you can by Adderall without a prescription is either lying to you or illegitimate and illegal.

Get it without a Membership

No membership can have two different meanings on sites that offer drugs. The first is that you can find the drugs on their sites without having to subscribe or purchase a membership to the site or a secondary site. The second meaning is that once you buy the drug for the first time you become a member and subsequently do not have to pay any membership fees to continue buying the medicine. While that sounds really great, you need to remember only one small thing. Remember that you never need a membership to buy prescription drugs including Adderall. If you have a prescription you can buy it, otherwise too bad.

Adderall No prescription *and* no membership

You will find that these two phrases come together quite often. Web site designers think that if “no prescription” is a good thing and “no membership” is also a good thing, then putting them together is an even better thing. Be sure that you understand exactly what you need to get Adderall online and don’t let catch phrases deter you. This site is devoted to providing you with valid information to help you research the drug Adderall.

Together, these two phrases suggest that a site is offering you special access to a drug like Adderall. To put it very simply, it is nothing more than an advertising ploy. If you are buying the drug legally, you will need to have a prescription and will not need a membership to anywhere. For those of you who are trying to buy Adderall illegally, though not recommended, these sites will gladly take your money but you may never get anything in return. Websites know that you need prescriptions and they know that memberships cost money. If they advertise that you don’t need either, it makes their products look more appetizing and it makes consumers more willing to spend money there.

Truth, Scams and What to Avoid Online

The bottom line is very black and white. Any site that tells you that they can provide you with Adderall with no prescription and no membership is blowing smoke. They are either fake, scams, illegal, or possibly all three. Stay away from these sites as you only stand a chance to lose your money or freedom should you follow through with their instructions. Be smart about where you look online for Adderall and don’t trust sites that ask you for money or personal information. Only trust known pharmacies and sites like this one that provide unbiased information.

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